Man Nương, The Lady Barbarian

Thứ sáu - 08/11/2013 02:09
In the land of the Kinh,
about 180 A.D.
Man Nương came to be.
It was near the end of Emperor Ling (168-89 A.D.)
In the lower Mê-kong near Luy-lâu,
That Tu Định raised his daughter,
Helped by the Brahman Khâu Đà La,
With esoteric teaching for her.
Taking the name of Man, the Barbarian,
Tu Định made a sensation,
And, thus, Man Nương got her appellation.
F-rom India came Khâu Đà La,
And his teaching would go far,
Man Nương learned to make it rain,
And take away the farmers’ pain.
F-rom the wise Tu Định and Khâu Đà La,
Learning more with every hour,
Man Nương developed her sacred power.
A curious thing when she was young,
About this many songs are sung,
Long before it would start to pour,
Little Man Nương would step indoor,
Leaving her friends squealing out in the rain,
Showing her power -- to know -- again and again.
People came f-rom far to see,
The giant uprooted Banyan tree,
Which without a hint of malice,
Washed up by the storm to Shih Hsieh’s palace,
And because he did want it gone,
He called three hundred of his strongest men,
To move the trunk away with haste,
F-rom his palacial governor’s gates.
But when the three hundred had tried and failed,
Their composite strength of little avail,
A cry arose because there she was,
Saying she could fix the fuss.
Taking the great trunk in her fingertips,
She lifted it as enchanted words passed her lips,
And all were amazed when they could see,
Man Nương move the giant tree.
When it had failed to rain for many a moon,
Both plants and farmers started to swoon,
Without some cooling relief f-rom above,
The farmers feel, f-rom god and king, no love.
So with no other hope for the situation,
The Lords did go to Luy-lâu in supplication,
And asked Man Nương respectfully,
If she could help, and not eventually.
With her sacred prayers to the goddesses
Man Nương ends the distresses,
For when she began to cast spells and pray,
Blessed water f-rom above saved the day.
Man Nương, known far and wide,
Lived out her life in quiet pride.
Helping others every day,
Man Nương showed many the way.
So when we think of Vietnamese women,
In all of their strength and glory,
We must tell Man Nương’s story.

Tác giả bài viết: Christopher Reichl

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