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Find Open Online Courses

If you are looking for open online courses, please consult one of the sources below. If you are offering a MOOC (that is not f-rom one of the sources listed) please send email to stephen@downes.ca and I will included it in the MOOC Course List.

2013 Connectivist-style MOOCs

  • etMOOC - Educational Technology MOOC. we’ll be needing you to share your knowledge, to support and encourage others, and to participate in meaningful conversations.
  • OLDS MOOC - Open Learning Design Studio Massive Open Online Course (OLDS MOOC) "Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum" (www.olds.ac.uk), a free and open nine week course led by the Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology
  • MOOC MOOC - the Hybrid Pedagogy online journal group is starting a MOOC MOOC to study and evaluate MOOC's within an open online course environment.
  • MOOC Maker Course will focus on the process of developing and running an Open Course. Hashtags at Twitter and Google+ are either #howtomooc or #mmc13. In German.
  • Hybrid Learning. This is a course provider entirely based in MOOC-Connectivism and social learning approach (see, http://hybrid-learning.es/index/educationalmodel). In 2013 we will launch at least 4 courses (on open innovation, gamification and teaching at schools, open culture, social media...).

MOOC and open Course Providers

Visit individual sites to view course lists.

Older Connectivist-style MOOCs

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Our courses are designed to be interesting, fun and rigorous.
They are the best courses, f-rom the best professors, and the best schools and span a variety of subjects,
f-rom science and technology to the humanities.
Take the new Demo101 course and see how rewarding online learning can be.

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