Call for Applications for Study Trips to Germany in 2014

Thứ ba - 04/03/2014 21:07

The trips will enable all successful applicants to gain valuable personal as well as professional first hand impression of Germany. Each trip focuses on a different aspect of political, social, cultural or economic life and events. Language of the program is English.
If invited, the invitation will cover travel expenses (return flight), accommodation, meals and other costs related to the programme. Medical insurance for the duration of the stay in Germany will provided for.
Application procedure:
A complete application must include a letter describing your motivation to participate in the trip to Germany that you apply for. Please also include a CV as well as copies of all relevant documents to support the information in your CV (degrees, etc.). Applications have to be written in English.
The complete application should be sent in via Email with all relevant documents attached in a standard format (doc, PDF, jpg, etc.).
Only shortlisted candidates will be informed and invited for short personal interviews.
Successful candidates will be informed as quickly as possible and receive a written invitation with more details on the study trip and practical procedures.
Multiple applications to more than one study trip are possible. Successful candidates can only reapply for another trip f-rom this program after the duration of three years following their study trip to Germany.
Please note:
Candidates who live in the southern part of Vietnam, ie Da Nang and south of Da Nang, please apply to the General Consulate, Ms. Linh (
All other applicants please apply to the German Embassy, Ms. Hoa (
Please respect the deadlines for applications.

Download full notice here
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