Ẩu Triệu, Our Lady

Thứ sáu - 08/11/2013 02:11
In Cứu-chân, t’was 157 A.D.
When Chu Đạt fought to free,
The gentle people of Việt Nam,
F-rom any and all outside harm.
After the Court of Wu had some reflection,
Lu Yin was sent to quell the insurrection.
But none expected they would later feel,
The wrath of the Lady, Ẩu Triệu.
With the brave Hoàng Ngô
And hardy defenders all,
The people of this region,
Fought for their own freedom.
It was in Cư-phong,
Her natal home
Whe-re Ẩu Triệu rallied the rebel fighters
Leading them north through many all-nighters.
None would forget this date – A.D 248.
In battle Ẩu Triệu was often triumphant
On the back of her trusty elephant.
With her proverbial bosom thrown over each shoulder,
Making the warriors following her so much bolder!
Lady Triệu showed she was able to boot,
Any invading Chinese recruit.
But the vast armies of the northern occupiers,
One day proved themselves, not superior,
But able to quell the rebellion’s source,
With excessive use of Chinese force.
And although she was highly skilled,
Ẩu Triệu was taken out and killed.
But Lady Triệu lives on with fame,
Coming to life whenever we say her name.
None can forget the exuberant song,
Sung when she liberated Cư-phong.
And truly those were wondrous days,
When Việt Nam was in Lady Triệu’s gaze.
Of Vietnamese women who led rebellions sisterly,
Lady Triệu is the last in history.
But one thing we do know,
Her spirit will never go,
She dwells now with Uncle Ho.
And those who doubt she is divine,
Travel to Cưu-chân and visit her shrine.
Erected with respect by Lý Bí.
Attended by those who hope to see.
You will hear of this eventually,
It happened in the third century.

Tác giả bài viết: Christopher Reichl

 Từ khóa: ẩu triệu, lady triệu

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